Why Ionic doesn't use latest Chrome on Android

I have developed a sample app using latest ionic angular version v6. I have a Sunmi device having android os version 7.1.2. But this latest ionic app not using the chrome but it’s still using the android webview despite of installing the latest version of chrome in Sunmi device.

I don’t think any of the mentioned components dictate which browser the device will use - Ionic 6 UI framework doesn’t, nor angular does that.

How are you deploying? Capacitor? Cordova? PWA? In the latter case it is a device setting, in the others, you would have to look into the configuration of that specific tool

You would agree?

Hi, Thanks for your reply. Well, I am using capacitor along with ionic and i am specifically developing for android platform only. One more thing that i also have to change the setting in tsconfig.json of target from es2015 to es5. Do you know about this target issue? Secondly, why there are contradictions between capacitor android, google chrome and webview as its clearly mentioned in the capacitor android support section that latest android uses google chrome not webview then why my device showing webview even with latest version of chrome with android version 7.1.2 ? See attached screenshots.

Note: This screenshot showing the android support guidelines.

Note: This screenshot showing the usage of webview instead of chrome.

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I am not able to help here - not enough handson experience with this

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