Why "Go" instead of "Next" on keyboards on Samsung phones?

For some reason my ionic 3 app started showing “Go” instead of “Next” on the virtual keyboard on my Samsung S7 Edge. It is doing this for all of the ion-input fields on all of the pages. All of the pages have multiple ion-input fields and it used to move to the next field as expected, but now it doesn’t. Some ion-input fields are of type “text” some are of type “tel”.

The ion-textarea has a return button as expected.

Here are the images with the undesirable “Go” keys:
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Other devices and even the emulators display the “Next” button as desired instead of this “Go” button.

Here are some images from the emulator that show what is expected:

Screenshot_1507427177 Screenshot_1507427187

Why is this happening on the Samsung S7 Edge?


To verify that this has nothing to do with my app, I cloned the ionic-conference-app directly from github and ran it in the emulator and on my phone. When in the emulator, the login screen allows me to move from the login field to the password field by pressing the arrow button in the lower right of the keyboard as shown below:

On my Samsung S7 Edge, the arrow is replaced by a “Go” button that will not advance to the password field:

Why is this behavior different on recent Samsung phones?

Maybe the change is what you’re using the keyboard for? I don’t think this is an Ionic thing. I think it’s an Android-fill-out-a-form thing.

I’m running the same (out of the box) ionic-conference-app on two phones and have different behavior. I don’t understand what you mean by “what you’re using the keyboard for”.

Aaron, I appreciate your responses. If you look at the ionic-conference-app, you’ll see that both the username and password fields already have the “required” attribute, so this “workaround” isn’t valid.

To add more info… Until the last month or two, my Samsung S7 Edge used to behave as expected (without the “Go” button). I don’t understand what changed (or how to change it back).

If you want the button to be ‘Go’ always use: enterKeyHint=“Go”

see this answer javascript - How to get Next button on android softkeyboard in place of Go Button in phonegap - Stack Overflow