Android keyboard and "next" button

I work on a ionic app which displays a form. I installed it on a LG G2, a Nexus 7, a Wiko. Only the first one (with the LG keyboard) displays a “next” button to go to the following input field (type=“number”, required, tabIndex value set, all fieds in a common form).
I looked at a native android app (contacts) to check that native android keyboard has this “next” button (it does).
Is there a way to help android understand that the keyboard to display must have the “next” button ?

Sorry if this is way too late, but even though I haven’t found a way to actually change the keyboard to show the ‘next button’,(don’t know if that’s possible in browser) Lollipop and Kitkat (I believe) show a right arrow in place of the return key when in an input. I wrote a directive in this gist you can use for using android’s return/forward arrow key to advance to the next field, and handle some other discrepencies with forms. Hope it’s useful!

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