Android keyboard next button

Hi all,

I have a really long form with multiple inputs, is there any way to show the next button on the android keyboard instead of the GO button or the return key?


I’m using the idea behind ‘hack 1’ of this answer. Unfortunately no luck getting it to open a select box.

Several moths later, and still haven’t found a way to actually change the keyboard (don’t know if that’s possible in browser), but I did write a diriective in this gist you can use for using android’s return/forward arrow key to advance to the next field, and handle some other discrepencies with forms. Hope it’s useful to somebody

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That’s great I’ll look into it

for now I’ve been doing something like when the keyboard is popped up I’m showing a footer wherein the next button is shown and typically just ignoring the return button

Thank you

Great directive if it works How to use this directive in forms ??

Is there any way that can be trasnlated to typescript for v3?