Who supports capacitor ibeacon? stuff wrong

I am trying to do ibeacon in my Ionic vue 5 app.

following the instructions here

is referencing angular, line 2

import { Injectable } from ‘@angular/core’;
and then later uses injectable

also, comment those out
and then line 3 fails
import { IonicNativePlugin, cordova, checkAvailability } from ‘@ionic-native/core’;
because @ionic-native/core isn’t in the dependencies list for ibeacon

then get past that and


isn’t install for the cordova plugin

fixed all that… now app crashes on android…

how do I see the console output on the native device? I used to do that on Ionic 1 & 2 with
ionic capacitor run android --address --target e9925ca4 --verbose -l --debug
to get the chrome debugger remote devices list , I get a stream of some stuff, but none of the messages

the ibeacon doc is Angular, not vue… don’t cut and paste (you’re supposed to know that ./ngx means angular!)

the cordova thing is wad, YOU have to know to load the other dependencies…