Ionic 4 Capacitor

I would like to use Google Analytics in my App, and it should be supported in Ionic 4 according to this

but I am running Capacitor, so can anyone help me with install instructions, as I have installed the native as that is supported by Capacitor according to the documentation, but should I also install the cordova plugin?

No matter if the cordova plugin is installed or not I get this error


and that is this code


so basically the Native wrapper is trying to do something with Cordova.

Anyone know how this is supposed to work?

Only the 5 or 6 times I copy/paste the exact same answer…anyway


Thx for taking the time to help. I might have used the wrong search criterias thinking it was a plugin problem

So basically to switch from Cordova to Capacitor I should add /ngx to the import and if that fails like here


I have to get to the correct version of the @ionic-native for that plugin.

And the cordova-plugin should be installed as normally?

To me it looks like that I now have the latest version of Ionic-Native, and that even using ngx is trying to load Cordova

I think mix up many questions inside the same question, you maybe need to do some more searches first

What I have answered is the fact that the error you were facing is related to ionic-native v5-beta if not correctly imported

Then what’s capacitor how to use capacitor, you could have a look at the documentation

About how to include a Cordova plugin inside capacitor, I don’t know, never tried so far

About your last screenshot, I guess it’s because you include a cordova plugin in a project where you use capacitor and there is probably something not configured correctly

I have spent hours (reading) now trying to figure out how we should use cordova plugins, where the functionality is still missing in Capacitor, but basically just found a post claiming @ionic-native will be compatible with Capacitor, but no description of how it should work.

Switching to a new version is always hard work, and there are som many new errors to make - mostly mine :slight_smile:

But lets see when I get to the next plugin if the problem is the same.

Sorry that I couldn’t help more, really. I never tried so far to include cordova plugin in a project where capacitor is used

But note, if it’s a cordova plugin I think it’s not a must to use ionic native, it’s a wrapper, you could do without too (“window.cordova.etc”)

Good luck, hope someone could point you in the right direction