Is Ionic Native 3 incompatible with Meteor?


Hi all

I can’t get an angular-meteor app to work with any ionic-native package (e.g. @ionic-native/contacts). Many errors in the browser console:

This can be replicated with the update-ionic-native branch of the following repo:

Does anyone have a clue what’s wrong?
Am I missing something?



No one else has this problem? This seems to be a major issue!


Probably nobody (here) is using Ionic and Meteor together…

How exactly does this work? Is Meteor a library you are using in a normal Ionic project?


I’m using Ionic libraries in a Meteor project.
Worked fine until I tried to use Ionic Native 3.


This is also happening to me.
I don’t know the solution yet.
The problem I think is, that after v2.9.0 the tsconfig module property was switched to es2015, and that made it not working with Meteor.


We’ve release a new version of the tutorial that supports Ionic 3 few months ago:


Thanks Uri. I need to check out that latest version.
Are there any plans to update the Meteor CLI tutorial? That’s where this issue occurs.


The Meteor CLI tutorial is not ready yet, but we have 4 different examples of the new capabilities with the Meteor CLI here: