White screen on resume solution


So I know most people will be familiar with the white screen that shows up after the splash screen for a few seconds.

I have solved that by increasing the splash screen time for now. This works fine.

But when the application has been in the background for a while and the the user resumes the state it will come out of its paused state and show the white screen for a few seconds.

Does anybody know of a way to show an image instead of the white screen so I can essentially show my splash screen while the app resumes.


Anybody have any ideas on this?


I think you are looking for this:
Then just trigger the splash screen and remove it again when… something… happens.


Thanks Ill give this a try and report back!


Did that work for you phil


I won’t get to try this right away but when I do I’ll post back here with the results. If anyone else tried in the mean time please let us know.