White blank screen

How do I remove / eliminate white blank screen after splash screen ionic 2

Same thing actually.

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Make your app loading faster or increase the splashscreen “timeout” in config.xml.

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it is a bit old but the correct way http://www.codingandclimbing.co.uk/blog/ionic-2-fix-splash-screen-white-screen-issue

Removed the white blank screen, but now the splash screen takes longer time.

i tried it the splash take longer time

Hi @safaAlshaarri.
You need to hide the splash with


in app.component when the App stop loading your “device ready” code.

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i did that in app.component .ts
this.platform.ready().then(() => {
// do whatever you need to do here.
setTimeout(() => {
}, 100);

@safaAlshaarri is this happening after an Ionic Deploy update?

how i can update ionic deploy
i still get this until now