How to get rid of the white screen before app launch


Hey guys,
I’m working on an app and its just about complete but whenever i launch the app, after the splash screen there is white screen that shows up and lasts for like 2 seconds or sometimes even 10 - 15 before going into the man view. How can i get rid of the white screen, its annoying and really its the only part that makes the app seem slow.
Thanks in advance


Hi man, this is probably caused by the splashscreen not configured… just add a splash screen or remove the current config for it and its supposed to be good.


Do you hav an example of how to add it in?


In your config.xml disable auto hide splashscreen and have a timer for like 15 secs and hide the splash screen in your controller for the page thus stopping the white flash.

Remove white blank space above keyboard

Thanks, that seems to work. I’ll try it as soon as get to my pc.