Android 5.1.1 and Tab Bar Flickering


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I seem to be getting the same issue with:

  • Ionic v1.0.1
  • Cordova 5.3.3 (but I think this is irrelevant)
  • Android 5.1.1
  • Not using cross walk (whatever that is)

I’m testing on a Nexus 4.

Even with the suggested fixes on the “tabs” start (and in the application I’m working on), there is a visible < 1s (approx.) flash. It’s quite noticeable.

I’ve added and confirmed that the CSS suggested has taken effect by using Chrome’s remote debugger and seeing that the computer transition-duration is indeed 0ms. I made sure that this was the case by removing the suggested CSS and seeing a value return.

To reproduce:

  1. Do “ionic start SomeApp tabs”
  2. Do “ionic platform add android”
  3. Get a Nexus 4, set it up for debugging and then “ionic run android”
  4. Watch the flickering :frowning:

It does actually flicker on the white on white but obviously you can’t see white on white flickering. It shows if you use a blue or more colourful ion-nav-bar.


It turns out that the fix doesn’t work on the Ionic 1.0.1 bundle but when I realised my bower.json fixed the platform to 1.0.1 and then allowed bower to update the platform to 1.1.0 the suggested fix worked.

I know, I’m answering myself but:

TL;DR If it doesn’t work check your bower.json and try loading 1.1.0 instead of 1.0.1 or whatever the latest official release is when you come across this post.


All of a sudden this is happening on iOS as well. I’ve had tabs-positive for a while now, almost a year and never noticed this. Not sure if I just wasn’t paying attention :flushed:(hard to believe because its really blatant) or if this just creeped in.

I’m running ionic 1.1.0 and iOS 9.0.2

Does NOT flicker in Chrome or Safari running app locally but is flickering on iOS iPhone6s and iOS Simulator…

Also, tried downloading a clean tabs starter using ionic start myApp tabs and experienced the same behavior.