Android tab bar navigation glitch

Hi guys,

I have a tab navigation on my ionic project that works fine on iOS but on Android I see the screen going blank (Except the tab bar) when switching between tabs. It gets better when the views are cached but I still get the white screen “glitch” when switching tabs.

I’m currently using the latest ionic version 1.0.0-rc.2
Is there any specific configuration I need to do for android ?

If the views are nested the animation works fine.

My ion-nav-view

<ion-nav-view id="scrollDiv" scroll="false" animation="no-animation"></ion-nav-view>

Thanks in advance

Could you provide a demo at all? Something close to what you have so that we can test it on a device?

For me the same problem!

Same thing, could you provide a codepen?

Hello man, your tab isn´t working on your android right? it is there, but it is hide? only shows the tab bar navigation?
well i had that problem too, there is a class on your android that is being overwritting by another one.
i don´t know what it happens it might be a problem of ionic tabs but i got an solution for you.

just use this style to make it back:

.tabs-top > .tabs, .tabs.tabs-top { top: 44px; }

Hope it helps :smiley: