Which plugin/approach to use for recording and playing video's on Android and iOS

Hi All, My app has a requirement to capture and play the video. I have been trying it with cordova-plugin-media-capture plugin. Since modern phones have capabilities to record HD and 4k video’s on mobile. I need to control the quality of video. So in video option I have given the quality as 0. I have below problems because of that.

  1. Some phones are considering the quality parameter and saving the video in .3gp format. But .3gp format is not playable on iOS. I want video recorded on Android to play on iOS and vice versa.

  2. Some phones are not considering the quality parameter and video is saved in .mp4 format. Video with this format will be bulkier and take lot of time to upload and also it needs lot of data.

I need to resolve both of this problem.I must be able to record in a format that is playable on both Android and iOS also I must be able to control the quality of video. Converting the format or changing the video quality on server is not acceptable solution in my case. I even checked cordova-plugin-video-capture-plus, but no help. Since it is a common problem, many might have faced it. Kindly help me out with your answers.