HD Video recording Ionic 4/5 - any up to date repos?

I used VideoCapturePlus in the past - but it hasn’t been updated in years.

Does anyone know of a fork or other repo that has actually not been completely abandoned that will allow HD video recording on Android 10+ and iOS 13+?

If I can’t find any maintained plugins, I will move this project to Flutter I think.

Thanks in advance for any info.

Have you tried a stock HTML5 approach?

Well yes, I am using that for the browser based release of my app. I guess my main concern is being able to record in HD.

With the stock HTML5 approach, can I guarantee a minimum WxH i.e. HD resolution of the resulting video?

If so then I can do away with plugins altogether, which would be nice, perhaps even use the Canvas Camera type setup?


I would expect that would depend on the device. I would investigate using constraints to ask the device what it can provide.

I would be surprised if the HTML5 approach was incapable of delivering anything a plugin could deliver, if for no other reason than I would expect the browser to be using fundamentally the same underlying capability to deliver the data.

So I read the link you provided, interesting. However it seems like it is basically a recommendation and not a given that you will get what you ask for from the browser.

Add to that the info here: https://blog.addpipe.com/video-quality-when-recording-videos-from-safari-on-ios-through-html-media-capture/

and I don’t think I can achieve what I want without going down the the plugin level.

Keep us posted. I still think it’s worth a go, especially since that pessimistic link you have is several years old.

So I just tried my app on Chrome Android, video recording works fine. Great.

Then I tried Safari on iOS 13.4.1: Video doesn’t work through the MediaRecorder API.

Double checked the support at caniuse.com and yep - not supported by default.

So gonna have to do the native app / flutter.

Shame really as it would’ve been really cool to have the web app working everywhere.

i have used successfully media-capture plugin, it is old, but it worked fine

Was the video actually HD on both Android and iOS though?

Does it work on iOS 11+? Android 7+?

Interested to know how you used it.

I use the Media Capture plugin but it defaults to MMS quality but does provide options to change to a high res format however this requires user interaction and kinda bad ux for our app…even with setting quality: 1. I havent found a workaround yet.