Video recording issue in ionic media capture plugin


I’m trying to record video with low size in android platform using “cordova-plugin-media-capture” plugin. Able to record video, but video size is too high. I used “cordova-plugin-video-editor” to compress video but its taking too much of time to compress.

For Eg: To compress 1min of video, it takes almost 50 sec to compress, which i don’t want.

previously i used “” CWAC-Cam2 android library. where i created custom plugin to record video and to meet my requirement. But now this library got deprecated. Please suggest me if any 3rd party android libraries or any ionic cordova plugins available, which satisfy my below requirements.

Video Requirement:

  1. Control to access flash light
  2. Should compress captured video with less amount of time
  3. Should convert video format to “.mp4” always