Magento support in ionic

Is it possible to convert a website that has been developed in Magento framework to a mobile application using ionic …does ionic support magento ???

nope this does not work.

But you can install the xml-connect plugin to transform your magento to something like an API.

Hi … I am a JS developer and have no idea of how magento works … just wanted to know whether it is even possible to convert a magento website into a hybrid mobile application using cordova … and if yes than is there any tutorial for that because i have already searched a lot :frowning:

so no… this is not possible, if you want to clap with your hands and you have a mobile magento app :stuck_out_tongue:

To work with ionic/cordova you need an api additional to your magento website.
This is possible with the xml-connect… it is xml but better than nothing.

greets. i have built some magento shopping apps long time ago

Hi there,

I have seen many companies offering Magento to APP using Ionic framework, please see below: ($20)

How do we choose, what is the best solution when choosing a service provider to convert Magento to mobile app using ionic framework, is this native language?

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