Where to host PHP backend for Ionic app?

Thank you friend! Can you suggest me a reliable hosting site? (Host)

You can actually develop locally first. You could use WAMP or NAMP, and develop on local environment first would be a great option to start with.


Yes I have experience in developing locally. But I need to host my database. So I need to go for a host. So can you suggest me a reliable host? :slight_smile:

@Codelives and @Sujan12 Guys as @Sujan12 said this error occured because of my host doesn’t support this format. When I try this locally all done successfully! I need to find a different hosting area. Thank you for all your efforts and help :slight_smile:

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I do stuff with Laravel, so I host some of it on fortrabbit. For general ftp hosting I use the German allinkl.

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Thank you :slight_smile: I will look into those sites.

I know it says “Solved” just suggesting - I have used x10hosting for years,
they’re never down, basically unlimited and free. :wink:

Check it out.