Where to begin with Ionic 5 (React, if possible)


I am looking for a good overview and guide to writing basic apps using the Ionic Framework, version 5 with React and Capacitor, if possible.

I keep going around in circles trying to find some resources and end up in the same place! :slight_smile: I can’t seem to get beyond Hello, World.

What I am after is something that deals with splash screens, menus and navigation, using the Ionic components (more friendly than the docs…), accessing the hardware with Ionic apps (camera, geolocation, file system, others…) the use of Google Maps and some type of template to start with. Basic templates exist I know, but not much beyond Hello World as I said. There are some courses which cover Ionic 5 and Angular (at Udemy for example) but none that I can find for Ionic with React.

I’d like to get going with a simple app that has some working navigation to different screens in the app, a splash screen I can replace with my own (and making the resources and where to put them), adding plugins for capacitor to access device features and hardware, and maybe some extra sample code but for React, not Angular. (Reaching out to an external API would be nice, along with user registration/sign up, and fetching the API endpoints, and posting/updating with the API).

Does anyone know where to get started? And something more substantial than a very basic app? I.e. some working functionality to see a real Ionic 5 React app working.

Thank you

Starting point?? https://youtu.be/-aHBhvkrFlY

I have some content on my YouTube channel and github repo also. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2PY2-9rsgl3OHIMYb1AzVG5wADUxOmUW&feature=share

There is always the conference app ??

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Hi Aaron,

These tutorial videos look great, thank you! :grinning: :slight_smile:

What I struggled with was getting navigation working with some pages containing basic components, and hooking into the device itself (plugins) and adding callbacks to do something useful. I managed to do it with NativeScript and plain JS (no Angular or React) after fiddling around with some example code and using a template, but still it caused a few headaches.

So far I have a little app for my kids that has a selection of words, and when one is clicked it uses text-to-speech to ‘speak’ the word(s). On the side drawer, there’s a little “About Me” page with the option to take a picture and type name, things like that. Just a little demo… I hope to have something worth installing on devices some time, like a Reading Eggs type app. But no need to sign up for it, and it will be free, without integrating into a school account or anything.

Look forward to getting back to the keyboard and trying out the photo and upload to Firebase video, and a few others… I’d like to get a few templates together so it’s easy to jump from a few blank screens to adding plugins and new components and running the app. :grinning:

Glad I was able to help out