Ionic React Course

Hey all, I’m preparing a new course on Ionic React. The following sections are available now on YouTube:

  1. From React to Ionic (47m)
    Introduces some initial Ionic 5 concepts by building a simple “Hello World” app. We start with a regular React project as generated by Create React App, then add some Ionic features step by step. We’ll use some simple UI components such as a button and a toast message, look at the Ionicons icon pack, learn to customise the default theme colours, and finally turn it into a full Ionic app.
  2. Biorhythm Calculator App (1h 50m)
    By building a “Biorhythm Calculator” app we’ll learn how to use input fields with Ionic, style components, write unit tests, and integrate additional JavaScript libraries for date manipulation and charting.
  3. Using Capacitor to Build an Android App (59m)
    We’ll first create a production build of our app and deploy as a regular website to Netlify. Then we’ll see how to install Android Studio (required for Android development), set up Capacitor, generate an Android project, and build and run our app in the Android Emulator and on a real Android phone. We’ll also learn how to debug WebViews using Chrome Remote Debugging.


Update: 2020-04-08 added Section 3

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Update: the full course is now available on Udemy: