Starting new project - which version of Ionic framework to use?

Hi Guys. New to the Forum. Quick opinion needed. I am an experienced Angular dev with some previous Ionic experience (v3). Am planning a new Ionic project that will be using Firebase (Angular Fire) for Backend. I have seen that v7 is now available in Beta. Question is, is it worth starting a new project with v7 and will it integrate ok with current Angular fire libraries? Or safer to stick to v6 for now?

Any opinions welcome :slight_smile:

Also, typically how long is the beta phase?

I recommend sticking to version 6 and wait until at least the RC (Release Candidate) version of Ionic 7 to come out to leap into Ionic 7. Beta versions usually have some quirks that needs to be worked out and the RC version is usually the one where it is close to final version and hence safe to use for a project.

Thanks for your recommendation. If I choose to go with 6 now, is the upgrade path to a higher version quite simple? or will it be complex?

You can check out this document on Ionic GitHub:

Although there are lots of things on the list, most things are very little changes, so the upgrade path is actually quite smoothly IMO.

For me, the two big breaking changes are Slides and Virtual Scroll: The <ion-slides> and <ion-virtual-scroll> components will be remove at version 7, so you should avoid using these components.

  • Slides: use Swiper.js instead of <ion-slides>:
  • Virtual Scroll: use @angular/cdk instead of <ion-virtual-scroll>:
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that’s very helpful. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi I’m on the same situation than you, trying to decide the setup for a new app but I m not experienced in Angular

Provided that I want to use ionic 6 (as this thread recommends), firebase but through Angularfire (7.5.0 only compatible with angular 15)…

Which angular and nodejs versions , firebase and angularfire versions do you recommend to work within ionic6?