When should I move away from Ionic 3 to stable release of Ionic

Hi Team,

The organization has an app built in Ionic 3 and it supports all the Android and iOS mobiles as of today. I understand the extended support for Ionic 3 ceased Aug 2020. Would like to know what would be problems which can crop up though the app works in latest android and iOS.

Any help on this is appreciated. Thank you.

Moving from ionic 3 to 4 should not be a big deal - just check the breaking changes doc on their repo. I did so earlier and wasnt a big problem.

I think what could become a concern is the angular upgrades you need. Maybe you should look those breaking chances as leading element for considering app migration instead of Ionic. And of course all other plugins and libraries you are dependent on who rely on certain versions of angular. Some libs require quite an overhaul of the app going from angular a to angular b.

Ionic 4 to 5 should be a breeze then as well - for their part of course only

Both 4 and 5 have stable versions and ionic 6 now has an rc - making the api stable too

Thank you Tommertom. I am looking into it as per your guidance.
I also would like to know if there are any specific security breaches could happen with Ionic 3 as I will have to convince the customer for this upgrade.
If there are any specific cases, request you to highlight to move forward.

I dont think ionic 3 has security issues

It is more angular and any underlying plugins

As to angular you can look at angulars changelog to look for any security patches. As to the guide to upgrade you can look at update.angular.io

For your other dependencies u need to check for patches