Whats the best way to learn Ionic?

Does anyone have any free youtube tutorials or anything I could use to learn Ionic ?

just read IONIC document

I think this is a bad idea. There are a lot of posts here from people who post lousy code they found in a tutorial, and then they ask the forum a question about why it doesn’t work. Ionic is advanced content - spend some money. I bought a book on Angular and a book on Ionic and read them both.

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I agree with Aaron (mostly). I’ve found that tutorials tend to sometimes provide a decent to very good starting point to certain aspects of using Ionic, but almost always fail when it comes to the details that follow.

It’s as if these tutorial writers start off strong, provide accurate steps initially, then lose focus or stop checking their own solutions at some point.

Tutorials = pretty good for a jumping off point or if you’re looking for a very specific solution to one specific “problem”, but,
Will lead you into an unrecoverable abyss of frustration if not supplemented with legit documentation.

When legit documentation provides answers that include the definition in the definition (which can be very confusing and make matters worst), post on this forum and / or get a little creative and see if you can put together a solution of your own if you feel somewhat comfortable trying it.

Someone once told me “there are potentially thousands of “answers” to one particular problem, and sometimes, none of them are right. Find your own.”

I made him buy me a shot after that for being completely unhelpful. In the end, I realized it was one of the more helpful pieces of advice I’ve ever received in relation to programming.

That, and, “don’t get into programming unless you’re a masochist to some degree.”

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