What made better performances in Ionic 3 than Ionic 1?

I will write this directly:
I hate Angular 2+.
I love AngularJS.
I think AngularJS is 10x better than every other framework.
Simplicity is key in here - frameworks were made to make development simple and Angular is too complex.

However I noticed that Ionic 3 apps have significantly better performances than Ionic 1 apps.

Im wonder if this is due to Ionic improvements or due to Angular improvements.

I have tried to install Material Design over Cordova on Angular 4 and tested this on phone.
This is not good performances at all.

What makes me think that Ionic made the differences, not the Angular.

Could someone tell me what they did?

BTW: when using iOS, performances are anyway very good. Either on Ionic 1 2 3 or even Framework7.
I am talking about Android specifically since Android + Cordova has very low performances but Android + browser has much better performances.

Maybe the problem here is Cordova and Ionic team found some solution to bad performances at Cordova + Android?