What is this: Slow network is detected. Fallback font will be used while loading

After updating Ionic CLI to 3.13.2 this is showing on console log.

I dont understand what is this

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It’s just a Chrome thing. Nothing to worry about.


@SigmundFroyd Cheers for your help

I have the same problem and so far I have not found the solution

Well, it’s not a problem. It’s just a heads up message.

However if you’d like to disable it, I believe the SO page I linked to talks about a setting somewhere.

I had the similar problem and found a solution https://stackoverflow.com/questions/40143098/why-does-this-slow-network-detected-log-appear-in-chrome/46863592#46863592. Not actually a “problem” but a warning

@jhonatasfender try the solution above

Goto chrome://flags/#enable-webfonts-intervention-v2 and set it to disabled

It’s due to a bug in Chrome with their latest API for ‘network speed’. Hope it will be fixed in the next version

For anybody that might get here in the future. Just use

 font-display: block;
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