Slowness appears in Ionic Beta

It is appeared that the GUI performance in Ionic beta is getting worse running on Android 4.4. For instance, cursor not blinking at all in textbox and button clicks very slowly as compared to Ionic 0.9.27.

I have tried creating new projects running Beta 1 to 8. The problem persists for all the beta version.

Anyone encounters the same problem?

Hey there! Do you mind posting a demo of this? We can test this out and see what the issue is.

Performance is a big thing for us so we’ve been testing like crazy.

If you can provide an example app or codepen to show this, we can load it on 4.4 device and figure it out.

Also, do you have any additional libraries added?

I basically create a vanilla project by doing

ionic start HelloWorld

and put a textbox like the one in the doc

  <label class="item item-input">
    <input type="text" placeholder="Last Name">

That’s all I do. After deploying that to the device, you will see that cursor in the textbox will not be blnking even thought the textbox has been focused.

What device are you using?

I just tested this on a nexus 5 vm running 4.2.2 and things are pretty fast and responsive. Inputs and blinking and buttons are responding well.

Could it be your actual device? Can you try genymotion (free for personal use)?

I am using Samsung S4 running Android 4.2.2.

I just tested with Ionic 0.9.27 and I can obviously tell the difference between the two.

I tried on Nexus 5 vm running 4.4.2 (on Genymotion) and really saw input box blinking and buttons are responding well. However, for some reason, devices like Samsung Galaxy S4 or Nexus 7 which are running 4.2.2 are not performing well.

Alright, I will try this out on an actual device later tonight. I have a 4.1 and 4.2 device that I can test this on.

Same issue here. Kind of ‘basic test application’ i’m doing and I upgraded to the latest ionic and got a pretty noticeable performance drop. (touch responsiveness, page transitions, general sluggishness.)

on samsung SGH-T599V android 4.1.2

I am currently on beta 8 on my HTC One M8 running 4.4.3 and do not see an issue with performance. Or if there is some I am not noticing it. I see a blinking cursor in text fields

Hows the touch response on your buttons?

We do a lot of testing on VMs just so we can cover a lot of devices, but it’s not always the same as an actual device. So any information about issues or performance bugs is good.

Any updates?

I spotted the same issue on Samsung Galaxy S1 running Android 4.2.2.

Have you tried the nightly builds?

Do you mean 1.0.0 Beta ?

No, I mean the nightly builds

<link href="" rel="stylesheet">
<script src=""></script>

I just did. It’s still the same.

I have tested on a fairly wide range of devices.

More modern devices seem to handle Ionic apps beautifully but older Android devices really struggle. I have a HTC Desire HD which is almost unusable and a Galaxy S1 as described which is workable but very slow.

Older Android hardware / operating systems seem to really struggle.

Might this have to do with the old web views used (I believe these were from the devices stock browser in the earlier Android days?)

Older webviews, hardware issue (memory), & other factors. A lot of people have used Crosswalk to get better performance .

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