Http requests slower with v4? Anyone noticed that too?

Maybe it’s just my mind who is making fun of me or something, but I kind of have the feeling that all my http requests, at least while debugging in Chrome running ionic serve with the use of the Angular proxy, are slower in Ionic v4 than with v3

Does anyone noticed that too?

UPDATE see below actually it’s kind of the rendering of my app which feels a bit slower, might be linked to css or something, not sure

Actually I think the problem isn’t slower http requests but actually an overall problem of rendering of my app with v4

Like today I reported and then closed

Don’t know yet where is the problem but it would explain why I generally have the feeling that the rendering of my app (no metrics just a feeling) slower is … maybe I should first try to remove some css to see if that helps

Ok so like I said, no metrics just feelings. Following this I kind of have the feeling that my app is smoother if I remove the few /deep/ selector I was using in my css files. That’s a start