What is the recommendation for module loaders with Ionic 2?

What is the recommendation for module loaders moving forward with Ionic 2?

I’m just about to dive into the 2’s (Ionic2 + Angular2) plus webpack as a new module loader. I’m using the tutorial from angular-meteor because it includes a section on webpack. But right away I hit some angular RC4/RC5 dependency issues (from angular2-moment). In the process of searching for a workaround I came across a couple of new issues:

  1. Ionic tutorials have moved to the simpler browersify over webpack
  2. The Angular team prefers SystemJS over webpack to prepare for the upcoming angular-cli

Package Manager and Module Loader
Lets start with the simplest choices: its better to use npm as our package manager and SystemJs as module loader, as that seems to be the path of least friction.

Note that other package managers and module loaders would also work, but this is the choice that will likely be easier to migrate to angular-cli, and its the combination that angular-cli currently uses.

Will Ionic2 be supporting angular-cli? Should I bother learning webpack2 now or wait a little longer and see what shakes out with angular-cli?

Better yet, should I wait until Ionic2 beta12 is released to avoid angular2 RC5 issues?

Ionic will be moving to webpack2 in an upcoming future release.