What is the best way to store app purchase data locally?


I am new to ionic and wanted to ask your guidance on what the best practice for storing app purchase data is.

Basically, I am designing a game where the user can purchase weapons during the game and use them.

I use Native Storage to keep track of the remaining weapon count, which works perfectly fine. The data is persistent across app updates and safe as it can only be accessible by my app according to the documentation. However, I think the phone owner can modify this data via iTunes, etc. no?

I was thinking of using secure storage but it requires secure screen-lock on Android, which sounds like a major drawback as I do not want to force the user to create a password just for my own app.

What is the best practice for storing game data to avoid manual modification by the user?



There isn’t really any foolproof way to do this. Physical control of the host OS (which a device user always has in a typical Ionic situation) can’t be coded against, and I can’t really think of a more difficult-to-subvert system that would be worth your while to implement and deploy.

Many thanks for your reply