Announcing Ionic Secure Storage: Secure, reliable high-performance data access

Originally published at: Announcing Ionic Secure Storage: Secure, reliable high-performance data access - Ionic Blog

I’m excited to announce the first release of Ionic Secure Storage, the latest from our growing suite of enterprise-ready native solutions. Ionic Secure Storage is a high-performance, secure data store that lets you encrypt, access, and manage your data locally — across iOS, Android, and the web — with zero hassle. Build secure, reliable, high-performance…


This is a great announcement, am I understanding that you need to be an enterprise customer in order to use this functionality?

There have been many of these products that we could potentially take advantage of, however being a small app design firm, the enterprise pricing has always been way beyond our monthly budgets. Just curious if you have adjusted the enterprise pricing to scale accordingly with new apps and new app ideas.

Yes, I agree with you. We would like to have a custom or feature-based pricing schema here. e.g. If I need only one enterprise plugin then why should I pay for all the plugins?

Hi Indy,

The Enterprise native solutions can be leveraged as a suite or on their own. Pricing is dependent on what Enterprise tools, services, or solutions that a team needs for their project(s). A member from the Ionic Account Team would be happy to talk through the package options in more detail and answer any product-related questions. Let me know if you’d like to speak with someone, I can make that happen. Cheers! Matt