Ionic Storage for production use?

In the docs this sentence catches me off guard a bit:

‘Ionic Storage is a free, open source alternative for indie devs, students & hobbyists.’

Is this implying it should not be used for production in mobile apps (iOS & Android)?

We’re using it to store two small bits of data: A location address and array of IDs.

My last question is, does SQLite (Ionic Storage) data persist after pushing mobile app updates with Ionic 4?

Hi @Rburch,
Yes, you can use Ionic Data Storage in production apps but remember that the data isn’t encrypted. It works fine for settings etc.

And yes the data should be persisted between updates as long as you don’t remove the app first - I just tested to update our app on iOS and the settings were kept.
IMO Important and/or secret information needs to be stored somewhere else; encrypted and ideally not on the device.

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