What is the best way to implement responsive layouts?


While the starter templates are a good way to follow common patterns found on mobile devices, they completely ignore tables and desktop.

What is the best way to deal with different layouts based on the screen size? This is really natural while developing Android devices where fragments can be combined, but I haven’t seen any one mention this use case.

I’m aware showWhen and hideWhen could be used, as well as media queries, but I’m trying to figure out the best practices around this topic.



Any input would interest me too! If on a laptop, it would be great to better use its available real estate. By using responsive elements. As far as I understand Ionic UI, it is mobile device only. However, given the PWA coming, and the use of more traditional web friendly services, it would make very much sense to develop for larger screen estates. So more information on screen. It made me conclude that using Angular with Bootstrap / Material UI is still an attractive strategy. I’d love to hear others about this.