Responsive web design


Someone please help me regarding responsive web design in ionic.
I want to design a app for which screens are same for android,ios and browser.But when i tried to design screens alignment is not proper in all the three devices i.e.,android,ios and browser.Does ionic supports responsive web design? Please let me know.

Are you using ionic grid to design your layout or writing your own layout? please share a screenshot for layout issues.

Ya.I am using ionic grid.
Here are the screenshots of a in my application.

I don’t see any screenshots, please re-check and share the screens.

Sorry Kleninb…I dont have permissions to share screenshots.Can you tell me whether respnsive web design is possible in ionic framework?

Yes, ionic grid itself is responsive. If your targeting devices are iphone/android then you can use ionic else go with angular and bootstrap.

I am using ionic grid