Responsive Routing


I was hoping to get some clarification on how I can use Tabs on Mobile, but an alternative Navigation on Desktop. I’m familiar with responsive design, so this is not about hiding and showing elements, but rather routing.

The problem & a solution is given here:

And a somewhat related discussion by @brandyshea here:

So it seems we have to resort to using an another for desktop (which in my testing doesnt seem to support relative routing of the child pages, even though the inbuilt Tabs router does).
And then we also have to deal with the fact the Tabs routing will break unless we reload the page.

My question is, is this really the best you can expect from using Ionic is a very typical scenario ?

Ultimately Ionic has been marketed as working on the desktop and on devices/mobile etc.
But this approach seems like a hack.
And the issue has been around for quite a while.

I dont want sounds too critical here, as I’m probably not aware of the underlying issues.
But it feels very frustrating as a user when given such a simple use case, we have to restort to hacks, and probably the type of thing that will suck far more maintenance time than it deserves.

Thanks for your time.