What is Ionic Capacitor?

I’ve noticed https://GitHub.com/ionic-team/capacitor repo and wonder if we should care.

What is “Native Progressive Web App” is?


I think Capacitor is the new name for what they previously called Avocado and announced in this video (towards the end):


From what I understood so far, Capacitor will give us access to the whole native SDK of every platform using JavaScript. This means two things :

  • We can replace Cordova by Capacitor in a cross platform project
  • We can make Progressive Web Apps with as much native features as we want

StencilJS, being Framework Agnostic in Ionic v4, now Capacitor… We can avoid the App Store, have a great SEO, use Virtual DOMS and Web Assembly… I think in 2018 I’m not considering native apps anymore!

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Stay tuned, we’ll have a lot more info soon.

Capacitor is basically our take on the native layer. You can think of it as a new standard library and runtime for hybrid apps; a replacement for Cordova.

Until then, sign up on the email list and we’ll be in touch shortly!


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What is the WHY behind capacitor?


Probably because of Cordova’s unreliable support for its current plugins. We usually have to rely on these third-party devs to always keep their plugins up-to-date. If my concept of Capacitor is correct, it should make creating native functionality from JS a mere breeze, possibly even removing the need for third-parties making the plugins for you since you can do it yourself.

(just my concept. haven’t read every doc/blog post out there. feel free to correct me on this. need the info, too :slight_smile:)

Is capacitor a new thing or only a set of maintained cordova plugins?


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It is a 100% new thing, that also support many, many Cordova plugins. But is also has its own plugins and several other benefits.

Allow me some “advertising” here, I just wrote a pretty epic article “Introduction to Capacitor” that should explain pretty much all about it: https://ionic.zone/capacitor/overview


Great post. Thanks @Sujan12. I’m always happy to read a post about new technology that isn’t 500 buzzwords dropped on a page, and actually makes sense.


Ionic capacitor is a good native runtime for future for Ionic apps. Running everwhere in Electron, Android, iOS and on the web as a Progressive Web App. It offers API that handles operations on underlying platform in a portable, and cross-platform way.

Ionic Capacitor is an open source framework innovation to help you build Progressive Native Web, Mobile and Desktop apps.