Capacitor alpha-version release

Hooray to the Ionic team :tada:

I’m so looking forward to test Capacitor :slight_smile:


Strange - no replies to your post!


I pressed LIKE!!!


I started using it as early as I could, and it’s been working well. It’s been good for my general knowledge to be using Android Studio more. Aside from that, I’ve yet to do anything too crazy with it yet. Just doing my best to test it out.


Cool, thx for the feedback. I’ve been playing with Stencil the last couple of weeks, I’ve to push an update of my app soon and then gonna begin to play with Capacitor…so much looking to it :slight_smile:

Sorry - I just wondered if Capacitor had it’s own forum?

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There is a slack channel

Dont worry about it!

We could start a new forum :grinning::grinning::grinning:

Pretty sure (but that is offtopic) once Capacitor is out, including Stencil and Ionic 4, we will see this forum explode with angular, react, vue, native, android, xcode and other stuff. With all those developers jumping onto it! (At least I hope for the people at Ionic, not the moderators)


This forum is already confusing with Ionic versions 1 2 and 3

For now on, at least, I guess we have to use prefix in our titles


[Stencil] …
[Capacitor] …

Let me know if Capacitor indeed beats Cordova.
If so, I will migrate my current huge app project to Capacitor.
I’ve been working on an app project through past six months…

So in general is Capacitor now suitable as a replacement for Ionic 3?

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Not sure… none of them is final version yet.

Stencil.js, Capacitor, Ionic 4 are all in beta & alpha status.

Capacitor is alpha and if I remember correctly the blog post “not production ready”, but I did tried so don’t know more than that.

But generally speaking, Capacitor is not a replacement for Ionic 3.

Capacitor could be seen kind of as a “replacement” for Cordova, but if you want to know my thought, it gonna takes a while or might even never be full replaced. The Cordova plugin list is just huge.

Ionic 4 is a replacement for Ionic 3. Ionic 4 is on its way along with Capacitor and Stencil.js…

A visual representation of the “Upcoming Ionic Stack”:


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Capacitor supports Cordova plugins. There’s a number that don’t work at the moment, but it supports a good number of them so far and by full launch will have full support.


Great… not all of cordova plugins work well on angular 5 ionic.

How long do you think it will take to finally see production ready stencil, capacitor, ionic 4 stack? maybe in a few months?

Thx for pointing that out @SigmundFroyd , you are right my sentence wasn’t enough clear

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Stencil I would say version 1 in a couple of weeks, my guess (somewhere I read on slack something like “we are step after steps closer to version 1” :wink: )

Capacitor and Ionic 4 will depends on the quality of the first deliveries…

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