What is error with Typescript?

Still program running fine ? Would you explain !

Your angular version is too old. Edit package.json to bump it to at least beta 7. Beta 12 is the most recent as I write this.

may be. I am using 2.0.0-beta.6. I am upgrading thanks

I am updated with angular 2 beta 7 with all dependency. I am getting same error. I updated Angular2 like

Did you do an npm install after making this change?

yes! I installed all dependency as per required version through cli . but I am getting same error ?
This error , I am finding with only TypeScript work flow of ionic not with JavaScript. I think something changes happening with typescript lib. what you say ?

This phrasing sounds suspicious to me. You shouldn’t have to require versions. Once you have changed package.json, npm install by itself is sufficient. I suspect you haven’t actually done that, so you still have an older Angular version in node_modules. To check:

$ grep version node_modules/angular2/package.json