What databases do you recommend?


I have a native application in android that reads from a database of at least 1000000 of records and then based on that it raises information in field to then send it to a server of sql server, to have this same functionality using ionic that databases Data me, both the server and the mobile, I read about pouchdb and couchDb but I’m not sure I support this volume of data, I appreciate the suggestions.


I would make an application server whose job it is to respond to requests, speak to the database, and return much more manageable result sets instead of trying to have the app deal with the database directly, but maybe that’s just me.


The problem is that my app must work offline, that’s why I need to have all that information locally


PouchDB’s maximum database size is browser-dependent. Their FAQ says 50MB max for mobile Safari, which I don’t think your DB will fit in.

So probably your only option is SQLite.