Ionic offline app

what is the maximum localstorage size for android devices and ios?

Is there anything else i can use to store data offline apart from localstorage?

@victorionescu, localstorage maximum size is about 10MB.
For more information, you can read this post

Please note at the bottom of the post that IndexedDB is mentioned, but as far as I know, it’s not supported for ios browsers right now, but only for android.

Here’s a table with quotas, although it’s a bit old.

localForage is a nice project that lets you switch between different storage types.

You can also use SQLite or files via Cordova plugins.

LocalStorage only for Login credentials hahaha (I want to learn PouchDB but not exist a good example with a prepopulated database with SQLite adapter)

Use SQLite for Android and iOS, my best example is this:

Regards, Nicholls