Weird stuffs with rebuild?


Does someone face the same weird effect as I do?

  1. ionic serve, everything ok
  2. do some development
  3. let’s says I make a typing mistake in html I didn’t notice
  4. build fail
  5. correct the mistake
  6. everything is ok again
  7. let’s do some more development in other pages, like changing scss
  8. build ok
  9. go back to the page where I had that spelling mistake, error is back again
  10. double check the code, nope everything is correct
  11. stop/start ionic serve
  12. everything is ok again
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No one ?

I noticed this week that these stuffs keep going to happens.

Like I modify a scss file, looks good, then modify a ts file, ts modification is ok but scss modification is lost. Restart serve, everything, both modifications, are back

Or modifying a sub-component, sometimes modifications is built, sometimes not, restart server, everything is taken in account

Same thing happens to me once in a while …
I then stop / start ionic serve and everything is back to normal.
Looks like there is a older version of a template that has been modified served.

Mmmmh do you think I should open an issue on the app-script GitHub?

I won’t create an issue where the problem is actually between my keyboard and my screen

Not sure. I am doing nothing special. So i guess there is some issue that is not between the Keyboard and the screen :wink: It only happens to me once every 2 hours or so. so it was not annoying enough for me to report it. But that there is a confirmed second setup with this problem, we might be on to something.

You’re right, I gonna wait a bit to see if other people face the same potential issue.

Just for record, if you don’t mind, are you using app-script last version 1.1.4? I wasn’t facing that “issue” with 1.1.3 and prior version

The version i used was 1.1.3. I have not tested it with 1.1.4.

Hooooo interesting, so well then if you notice weird stuffs with the live rebuild in the future, let me knows :wink: Thx for the feedback

I am experiencing this as well, sooooo anoying, especially when trying to learn angular2:-)

I am using app-scripts 1.1.4

also app-scripts 1.1.4 here.

Same error, some development, at some point I have an older state served.

Have to pay attention next time if its always after syntax error in the code.

Well then, seems I’m not the only one :frowning:

I just had a look at the Github of app-scripts and it seems that there is an opened issue about that: