Weird Routing with Tabs in SideMenu (v1.3)

OK, I am doing a rewrite for something that used to work. But can’t for the life of me get this to work again. Starting UI is built on the sidemenu design. In the menuContent view, I have a list view that lets me select a single item to navigate to. This item uses a tabbed UI with a few of the tabs holding lists themselves. Then, selecting an item from one of these lists navigates to a separate view that also has a tabbed interface. This was all working and now I cannot recreate!! aarrgghh! Please help!

I have recreated a sample app using the sidmenu starter. The basic model is

Playlists --> Playlist(tabbed) --> Album(different tabbed) --> Song

When I click on an album in the Playlist interface, the URL updates in the browser, but the view does not change. If I manually click refresh in the browser, the proper view is loaded. What is going on? Please help.

Went an created a CodePen that shows bad navigation. Used another pen to start, so the data model changed…

Attendees (tabbed list of actors) --> Actor (tabbed list of movies)

Navigating from attendee list to movie list is failing.