Ionic tab combine with sidemenu failed

so i’m kinda news to ionic framework, and i’m trying to make a tab-ed page inside a menu.

I follow this stackoverflow page :

And i put my code in codePen :
my Code Pen

Let me explain the flow :

  1. Login in Page1 (Just fill it with whatever you want, no checking yet in that code, DON’T LEAVE IT EMPTY !)

  2. it should redirected to tabbed page (playlist on my case)

  3. there is 2 page other in the menu (browse and search), WHICH IS NOT TABBED.

I’ve already make it like that flow,
the problem is, whenever i change between tab, it go back to login page magically !,
but when i change page via side menu, it working fine.

i think the .otherwise() kicks in, but i don’t know how to fix it.

Can anybody help me a little ?