Sidemenu with tabs

Hey guys,

Here is the scenario:

I have a state with the sidemenu. This state has a child, and I’m using tabs in this child. This means that I only have tabs if I navigate to a child state of the state with sidemenu. Please see this pen and follow some instructions:

Follow this:

  1. After login, open the left side menu;
  2. Click on the item menu “Tabs - Tab 1”: It works! :grinning:
  3. Open the menu again and click on “Tabs - Tab 2”: It works! :grinning:
  4. Instead of clicking on the “Tab 1” under the sidemenu, click on the tab bar: It works! :grinning:

So far so good, right? Now reload the page (or logout on the sidemenu), and follow:

  1. Open side menu and click on “Tabs - Tab 1”: It works! :grinning:
  2. On the tab bar at the bottom, click on “Tab 2”: Nothing happens :pensive:
  3. Still on the tab bar, click again on “Tab 1”: It works! :grinning:
  4. Now open the sidemenu and click on “Tabs - Tab 2”: It works! :grinning:
  5. Now navigate between tabs using the bottom tab bar: It works! :grinning:


Apparently, navigating to a specific tab using the sidemenu (or any other link outside the tab view), we can activate successfully that tab state. But, if we active only one tab, the others doesn’t work until I activate then using other ways (in this case, I’m using the links on sidemenu).

Can anyone help me here? It’s a bug or I’m missing something?