Was it wrong to invest in ionic 1.0

i love ionic and i invest time to build high performance app using the framework and when i saw ionic 2 i like it but i hate the fact i need to learn something new specially i only spent only one year get work done with ionic 1. ionic is great framework but for now i found my investment in ionic 1 is totally wrong.


Totally wrong? No I don’t think so, why?

There’s plenty of knowledge and experience that carries over from Ionic 1 to Ionic 2 (and from Angular 1 to Angular 2, for that matter). Ionic is only following in the footsteps of Angular which is also undergoing a wholesale paradigm shift with the transition from 1 to 2.

But they’re providing great tools to make the migration as easy as possible, and these kind of changes are a fact of life for developers, better get used to it.

Ionic 2 (and Angular 2) are making the right decision, the new versions will be superior, not changing means falling by the wayside when other frameworks like React keep moving forward.

Web development is a rapidly evolving field which requires its developers to rapidly change alongside it. This is common across the industry, which makes answering your question difficult. You spent a year working with Ionic 1/Angular 1.

Did you accomplish things in this year? If so then Ionic served you well, and it wasn’t a waste.

The caveat is Ionic 1 and Angular 1 are clearly not the future. Both will be migrating to the second version, so you as a developer need to change with it. Likewise, I wouldn’t expect Ionic 2 to be the present in 10 years- technology just changes to quickly for that. Be prepared to grow with the changing environment.

Thank you guys for sharing thoughts. But for my point of view we have started a startup that using ionic after build the technology we as small team trying to focus on the business but, we found ourself in place were we should re write the App another thing is the ionic content on the internet soon will be useless and, it will be confusing to distinguish between the content for ionic 1 or 2

Read this: http://mcgivery.com/ionic-team-give-break/

I’m sure Ionic 1 will be supported for a long while yet, if you need to deploy an app soon then Ionic 1 is definitely the way to go.

If your aim is end 2016 then probably good idea to move to Ionic 2.

Web development changes constantly, I know that Angular2/Ionic2 looks awesome, but imagine if there had been no Ionic 1! You’d probably be spending time on Titanium or other.

I’m very happy Ionic 1 has existed and am double happy that an Angular 2 version is being worked on. :smile:

I think we all feel your pain, but I would say you definitely have not made a wrong investment. I learned a technology where the company totally redesigned it and didn’t provide a good upgrade path, now THAT was a bad investment. But in this case the difference isn’t all that great, and we are seeing plenty of upgrade docs/videos. Be a little more positive, m2m, and hey - you chose an industry where great change is a given.
Hang in there!

Thank you guys for all the opinions i appreciate all the answers. ill try to stuck with ionic keeping in mind other technology like nativeScript and react Native even though i cant hide my good impression in ionic and its team.

So not let down too much. Our team is also preparing to launch an mobile app which is expected to release second quarter of 2016. We just started to learn Ionic 1 a month ago, and really enjoyed it.

Know Ionic 1 and Ionic 2, you can at least learn why and how Angular and Ionic changes. This might give you great insight understanding this industry. Additionally, Angular and Ionic, personally think, does not have too much learning cost. (Especially for the Javascript programmers.) So do not worry too much!

Hi @ohtangza but do not you consider the time and cost you will need to re-write the code of your startup App. we are also a stratup we care much about the cost and time since we are all employees.
i see your point of view the problem is i would have find no problem if ionic 2 got out in 2017 for example but not only few month after ionic one got out of beta.

Also note Angular has few years before making a major switch

@m2m it wouldn’t really make a difference if Ionic 2 was released in 2017, because if you want to stick with Ionic 1 you can. Ionic 1 is going to be actively maintained for a long time to come, even once Ionic 2 is out. There will just be an even better version of the framework out there if you do want to upgrade when you have the time and resources.