Want to take an online course on Ionic?


Hi all,

Edit (July 3 - updated link for people finding this post from search engines):

The course is now available from this page: Ionic by Example

Thanks to all who signed up already!


[Original message - posted June 2 - this offer has now expired - leaving it to show the history]

I’m publishing an Ionic course on Udemy. I’m looking for some early “students” to provide feedback.

If you’re interested send me a private message and I’ll give you free access to the course!

This offer is only valid for two days, and up to 50 applicants.


I would like to have a review on your course.


I am also interested, just sent you a pm . :slight_smile:


@encodedmirko Yes please. Apologies for not sending this by pm. Can’t seem to find how to do that here…


Not sur how to send a private message. But I would love to be reviewing your courseware. Appreciate if you can include me.


Im here to help with that feedback too! just let me know!


Yes, I would be interested, as well. I, too, am at a loss as to how to send a private message.


Edit: please see the first message at the top for the latest update.

(Some people may not read all comments so I’ve now edited the original message instead.)


Thanks for the discount, I signed up!


I am interested in ionic course. Thanks in advance from Spain.


This is a great course! Mirko has done a great job .


I’d love too. It was one of the first things I searched udemy for.

Send me the link and I’ll sign up.


Hiii ! I am also interested.



Yes, I’m very interested.