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I am looking into training and found the Ionic Academy, all was great until I attempted to sign up and pay for it… the link through to PayPal would not render and still won’t after numerous accounts and login attempts. Is anyone else getting the same problem ?

Inspecting the code of the site looks as though its something I would put together…with jetpack included… thats no offence cause I am quite proud of what I do… but the code is of a different structure to that of

Is the site for real ? Or has the bloke just jumped on to the ionic brand and now a great reason to hold it to ransom ? Great idea if you’re just in it for the money.

Having a site that cannot accept payment… … not a great start if this is what we are supposed to be learning from.


I don’t know the answer to any of your questions, but I can strongly recommend the blogs (and buy-with-real-money books) of Josh Morony and javebratt (Jorge). If you’re looking to spend some money, you might want to start there.

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All jokes aside… :frowning:

I have already bought books on Ionic 1, I have spent money on Udemy, I have also enrolled at uni and spent a fair few thousand pounds already in tuition fees from my own pocket to try and learn… All I am wanting to do is find a decent course, well supported that I can learn to push through to my client base and offer services to enhance their clients…

The Ionic Academy sounds like a great idea and affiliated through the developers… great… when can I get started .

As far as I know the Ionic Academy is created by a community member and it is not run by the official Ionic team. They just promoted it on their blog. I haven’t used it though, so I cannot give any recommendation.

However I agree with @AaronSterling that and are both great sources to learn Ionic. I have bought paid products from both sites and they are of great value.

Thanks very much, been looking through and looks like some wonderful content to learn, will look into this further… thanks

I am a person centred through ideas and I think the Ionic Academy is a great idea like the ionic lab Ionic market place etc … however before I shoot the geezer down I think I am gonna take a punt on his course…

If its a waste of money, if I get ripped off,(hey if you can even pay) if its naff… I will be able to let all you fellow ionic developers know for reference… I think the geezer is on to a winner with the idea…

Just found this and wanted to share some clarity. The Ionic Academy is my project, as you can see on the very first page a bit down. I’m also the creator of the Devdactic blog and I’m not somebody jumping on the Ionic brand train, I’ve been around a few years now.

Also, this page is not related to the official Ionic Team or company. They just posted about this project because I’m in constant exchange with them and they appreciate the idea. Regarding the code of the side, it’s a simple Wordpress side with a membership plugin. Even we developers don’t need to reinvent the wheel all the time :wink:

About your PayPal issues I’m sorry, but you can always directly contact me and ask when you have any problems with the Signup process. In general, PayPal makes more problems then CC, but there are countless members who are paying through Paypal and everything works smooth!

Let me know if I can help you any further, feel free to send me an email with your questions.