30 FREE Coupon for Ionic From Scratch Udemy Course

Hello Everybody!

I’m Creating and release and an Udemy course in Saturday August 8, 2015, the course is designed for all developers who have HTML/CSS, Javascript experience.

The value of the course is $99, but I’m offering “early bird coupon”, FREE coupon to take the course for $0! only for the 30 first person who claims it!

Checkout the announcement here for instructions: http://redwanhilali.com/ionic-udemy-course/


I hope this is real and that I did not just gave away my email address to a scam.


100 real, I’l posting my progress regularly!

And will be posting the course outline here as well, to get some feedback. The idea is to teach the course by the example, and the course is designed in such way that at the end of every lecture, you’ll eventually have a small portion of a relatively large/medium app ready.

So, the course is hands-on code first, designed for developers.

Great! Will wait for a confirmation if I got the Free coupon.

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