Vuejs 3 imported components, CKEditor 5 & Verte, do not work

I am trying to include an external component like Color Picker or CkEditor Component but they don’t work on vuejs+ionic app.

How can I import some external components or plugins on my vuejs 3 + ionic app?

Do you have any suggestion?

Can you show a code snippet of what you’ve attempted?

Hi have installed verte with npm install verte and inserted 3 lines of code like the example in my page, after i receive these errors:

   <verte picker="square" model="rgb"></verte>
          <ion-button size="full" @click="_addPost(form)" class="ion-margin-top">
<script lang="ts">
import Verte from 'verte';
import 'verte/dist/verte.css';


import { createApp } from "vue";

import { IonicVue } from "@ionic/vue";

/* Core CSS required for Ionic components to work properly */
import "@ionic/vue/css/core.css";

/* Basic CSS for apps built with Ionic */
import "@ionic/vue/css/normalize.css";
import "@ionic/vue/css/structure.css";
import "@ionic/vue/css/typography.css";
import App from "./App.vue";

import CKEditor from "@ckeditor/ckeditor5-vue";




<script lang="ts">
import { defineComponent } from "vue";
import { IonApp } from "@ionic/vue";
import ClassicEditor from "@ckeditor/ckeditor5-build-classic";
export default defineComponent({
  name: "App",
  components: {
  data() {
    return {
      editor: ClassicEditor,
      editorData: "<p>Content of the editor.</p>",
      editorConfig: {
        // The configuration of the editor.


CKEditor working example - vue 3 Ionic CKEditor - CodeSandbox

The color picker doesnt support vue3 - Vue 3 support · Issue #65 · baianat/verte · GitHub