I need urgent info, that how can i use Vuetify v3.0.0-alpha.11 + Vue.js + ionic for mobile development

Hi everyone
is it possible to use Ionic Vue with Vuetify v3.0.0-alpha.11 for mobile app development?
i’m new to ionic, earlier i dealt with Vue + Vuetify for web, so i want to use all these three (ion,vue,vuetify) in my project. i try my best to connect those but it won’t work and i didn’t get any errors instead it does not work

this is vue.config.js file

this is main.js file

this is plugins/vuetify file

Do you have any idea please feel free to share?

Thanks in advance,

Can: Probably. Ionic Vue is just a collection of components, nothing more.

Should: Probably not. Ionic Vue provides almost the same components as vuetify does, so why do you need to duplicate the code/styles?

thank you so much for the info…how can i add 3rd party dependencies in ionic vue like vue2-timepicker, ag-grid view, tiptapvutify, vuex, loadh ect… why ionic won’t support 3rd party dependencies ?

Ionic does support 3rd party dependencies. To add them, just read the docs for the package you want to add.