VS 2015 Ionic tabs template memory usage


I’ve used the downloadable Ionic Tabs Template for Visual Studio 2015 as the basis for an app I’m working on. The key issue I’ve had is with memory usage and I’ve not been able to Google a definitive answer.

  1. The vanilla Ionic Tabs Template (no code mods at all from the download) uses about 100mb RAM when it opens on a physical Android device and this increases when tabbing through it. I’ve tried changing the Cordova CLI from 4.3.0 (which it is configured with when downloaded) to 5.3.3. This doesn’t seem to make a noticeable difference to RAM usage.

  2. Memory usage in my app ranges from about 150mb to 320mb. There are a number of views, https calls and a Google maps integration.

My question is are these amounts of memory usage ‘normal’ and what should be expected?