Memory usage became so high upgrading to Ionic 5

We have an ionic 3 application and decide to upgrade it to Ionic 5. After the update we noticed that the memory usage had increase drastically. On ionic 3 the xCode “Memory Report” totals to only 32mb the Ionic 5 totals to 150mb.

Our application already on lazy load implemented as documented from here :How to Lazy Load in Ionic Angular - Ionic Blog

We are using shared components components.module.ts(we have atleast 300+) imported to app.module.ts. Originally we thought this was the cause but after moving each components to corresponding pages module memory usage stays the same.

We know that webpack alone will cost 30mb already so it seems memory usage we get from Ionic 3 was a bit unrealistically low. So we had this idea that Ionic 3 is somehow hiding it’s true memory usage from xcode memory reporting unlike ionic 5 that gives all the info therefore a bit more realistic than Ionic 3. If this is so, is there any docs/article that supports this?

If not is there have the same issue and can you guys tell the solution you have applied?